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About – Designed by society


Designed by Society is a social research and design agency which is built on the idea that people no smarter than ourselves designed our society, and if we believe we need to, we can re-design it so it reflects the futures we want to experience.

To do this we need to understand why something has been designed in a particular way, (what does it enable and disable)? What we are designing for (what impact do we want to have and what do we want to experience)? And who we should design with (more often than not this means working with the people a change will effect).

To engage in this work Gayle works with people who share the same social mission: to educate, inspire and enable people to design a society that positively enhances our wellbeing. Her contribution could involve: developing a participatory design strategy; enabling participatory research; facilitating collective sense making opportunities; supporting social design practices; testing the implementation of new ways of working and engaging with one another; and creating spaces to share the impact and outcomes of our work.

Gayle has over 14 years experience working across the creative, social innovation and social work sectors. Gaining her Ph.D in Design at The Glasgow School of Art Gayle has worked with the Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services for over six years and created award winning socially innovative project that have been positively evidenced.

She has collaborated with people from national and local government, and public, voluntary and private sector organisations, and worked with people who have experience of leaving care, access day care centers, care for people with dementia, and live with dementia.

Her interests include designing for policy, interactions, experiences and behaviour change (also known as service design).

If you’d like more information please get in touch.

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